Sunday, February 26, 2012

new obsession?

i have this new obsession.
this new obsession is of these five men.
called One Direction.
i am in love with them. 
and i'm pretty positive one of them is meant to marry me.

what attractive men.


sometimes, you've just got to stay positive.
you can't let "them" keep ruining everything you try to do.
just because they say you don't have friends doesn't mean they're right.
just because they say you're not pretty doesn't mean you aren't.
just because they say sorry, doesn't really mean they are.
sometimes there are people in your life that you need to just let them be themselves,
and say what they want. 
even if its about you.
and not let it affect your life.
just because they did it last year, doesn't mean they will this year.
i guess people just make mistakes. 
you can't let their mistakes ruin your life.
girls can be mean.
and they can be mean to a lot of people,
and still have a lot of friends.
that doesn't mean it's the cool thing to do.
and it doesn't mean you are any less cool than them.
because in this case, it's cool, to be un-cool.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


the sweethearts dance is in 6 days(:
i get to go with the lovely... Logan Bullock!
its going to be so fun (:

first, peyton took me out to get hot chocolate.

then, i came home to chocolate kisses all over my floor, making a path. so i followed it down the stairs...

kept following the path to my bathroom...

then to my room...

& there was a bear sitting on my bed holding a rose.
So great (: