Thursday, December 18, 2014

three states, two years

I have always been such a slacker with blogging. 
I'm actually really not good at thinking to get online, but oh well.
A lot has happened in the past two years of my life.
My family moved to Texas, then just under two years later moved back to Utah.
Shortly after that, I left for college in FLORIDA.
Orlando, Florida to be exact. 
At this point of time, I absolutely love it.
I have felt homesick and wanted to come home, but I wouldn't rather live anywhere else.
I love the snow and I love the mountains.
Utah really is beautiful!
But Florida is the perfect place for met to live.
Not to mention Orlando... Disney world, Universal studios, and the Orlando City soccer team!

I am home in Utah for christmas though, and I am very excited. I've seen people who I haven't seen in a little over two years. I have missed my friends so much! I'm excited to go home, but excited to see what this coming semester has in store for me! I've also been working at a pet store. We have around 80 puppies at a time. I absolutely love it! I go to work and play with puppies, then come home and play with my puppy. Oh yeah, I also got a puppy. She is the cutest puppy in the universe. I'll add pictures below. Everything has changed so much throughout the past two and a half years, but I am so happy with it.
Life has just been treating me really well lately! 
Trey and I also just had our two year anniversary so yay for that! We celebrated christmas the same day and he took me to a 5 star restaurant in case anyone was wondering. :)

She sleeps in my bed with me...

Trey came with me the first day to get her :)

Now she is 5 months old and growing up fast!

Friday, August 16, 2013

New favorite prophet quote.

"I plead with you young women to please be more accepting of yourselves, including your body shape and style, with a little less longing to look like someone else. We are all different. Some are tall, and some are short. Some are round, and some are the Kingdom of God the real you is more precious than rubies."-Elder Holland
--This is so true. It definitely was needed to be said. In the end, it doesn't matter how skinny you are, or if you have brown hair or blonde. Be Yourself! I love being Mormon, so we can see all these quotes from these amazing men.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

only the cutest

theres this boy.
pretty sure i write something about him every time i blog.
which really is hardly ever...
he is just my best friend! i have to write about him!
right now he is at work... and since he just so happens to be my only friend here,
i am left to watch disney channel, eat sour skittles, and blog.
this boy, is named Trey. as i have mentioned before.
he may just be the sweetest boy to ever walk this earth. this week, on tuesday june 11, to be exact... was our 6 month "anniversary".
he decided, being the cute boyfriend he is, to take me on all these fun dates this week!
he made sure to get work of, Monday and Tuesday, and got lucky and didn't have to work Wednesday!
Monday we went to hurricane alley, a water park, with his family! afterwards, he made super yummy burgers for dinner. after that, we went and saw the purge. which by the way is probably the creepiest movie i have ever seen.
Tuesday was our six months, and we went to the mall around 12...ate lunch there.. that Japanese hibachi grill is amazinggg. Shopped for a bit, went to the pet store... our weekly trip... then we came to my house and swam in my new pool for a bit. afterwards, we made a frozen pizza, then he went home and i showered and got all dressed up for dinner. he took me to dinner, to waterstreet! it was so yummy and so much fun. afterwards we watched a movie and relaxed.
Wednesday we hung out with all of our friends, and everyone wanted to go to a movie. even though it wasn't really an official date, he still paid for me, bought me popcorn and snacks... and afterwards we all roasted marshmallows at his house, then when everyone left, we watched another movie. clearly... we love movies. and food... but basically i have the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends.
oh, did i mention he brought me flowers yesterday morning... for no reason? they even came in a vase(:

Friday, June 7, 2013


photo.JPGi just thought it was very necessary to update the world on my life right now.
my best friend {Peyton} is here from Utah!!
seriously i could not ask for a better week.
but im really bummed... because she has to go home on sunday.
we have done so much this week though!
it was definitely a fantastic week.

photo.JPGphoto.JPGthat first picture is us when peyton got off the plane! i seriously was so dang happy! the next day, we went to sea world. we got to feed and touch dolphins, and it was so much fun! we also    went to the beach twice so far this week, swam in the pool like four times, and done a lot more! this week has been so much fun, and i honestly just with everyone from utah could move down here.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013


well it's almost summer time. and im sitting here at school. bored out of my mind. why do they make us go to school anyways? no one really knows. especially the last week of school...i mean we just watch movies. I could do that at home. #LetMeGoHomeeeee 

Monday, April 29, 2013

third post today...

alright alright
well this is my third post today.
but i saw this on facebook, and i had to share. 
the lovely Kirsten Goodman put this on...and i copied and pasted it. everyone read it.
full credit to her.

To all of the women in my life:
It takes a long time to believe good things about yourself. It’s hard to believe that you truly are beautiful inside and out despite the world’s distorted concept of beauty. It’s hard to believe that you are special and that anyone would be more than lucky to call you theirs. & It’s especially hard to believe it when the ones you want to hear it from are the ones that don’t say it. However, the words do not need to be said to be true. We are so quick to find the beauty in the women around us, but so slow to see the beauty in ourselves. Why should you be or deserve anything less? Perhaps our greatest strength and our best attribute as women is our ability to love – even when we are not loved in return. That is one of the most beautiful things about you & that is what defines you. Don’t let anyone tell you, convince you, or make you even consider that you are not beautiful or you are not capable of being loved. Do not allow yourself to believe that. You are lovely in every single way. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are perfect just the way you are and anyone who expects you to change does not recognize and truly appreciate your beauty. That is their loss. As good as you are to others, as patient as you are with them, as kind as you are to them, and as often as you recognize their beauty, be certain to do the same for yourself.

the boyfriend!

i find it very necessary to update the world of blogging on my love life.
his name is trey.
 we have been dating for 4 months, and 15 days.
this boy is my absolute best friend.
i tell him everything, and i sure hope he does the same to me.
i have never felt so comfortable around someone.
me and trey act like children.
we have nerf wars with his little brothers,
we have tickle fights to the point where we cant move any more.
we go shopping, and he helps me pick cute, modest, clothes.
this boy is my everything.
not just because he is my boyfriend.
but because he is my best friend.