Sunday, December 25, 2011

the gift of giving.

this year, instead of receiving a ton of presents, my family decided to take some of our money for christmas gifts, and get some things for the homeless.
we got some backpacks and filled them up with a bunch of stuff.
then we went to orem, and drove around. hoping we could find some homeless people.
we drove around as a family for like an hour! and didn't find any.
but then yesterday, when i was on my way to the mall with melisa and connor to buy some presents, i saw someone! he didnt even have a jacket on. he looked like he hadn't shaved in years. he needed help. so i called my dad and told him. he brought him a backpack. this guy was sooo happy that we made that for him.
just knowing that we probably made his day, makes my day. (:
now off to find some more people in need(:

ps. merry christmas(: i love you all(:

Friday, December 16, 2011


everyone has felt unwanted before. and all you want is for someone to come along and make your day. i'll admit... thats me basically every day. but I got thinking about it. how can you want someone else to make your day, when you don't even try. all you need to do is use one muscle, and smile at someone. or use a few thumb movements, and text them something happy.
sometimes all someone needs is for you to text them and tell them you love them. for all you know, that text could be saving them from suicide. I learned that in health a while back.
sometimes, you just have bad days. It happens to everyone. Maybe you feel left out, maybe you feel unwanted because others seem more wanted, maybe you wish that one boy would just like you, maybe your hair isn't working out, maybe you've got a huge zit on the middle of your forehead, maybe your family is moving and you just don't want to leave, and maybe you just need someone to be your friend every day, so you don't get left alone, maybe you want to know what your gonna do on a Friday night, instead of pray that someone will call you.
90% of the people who read this, are thinking right now "that's sooo true about me right now" because 90% of your life, you will have something on the back of your mind thinking about problems, and things you wish you were. Everyday is different. Different people have different problems. maybe one thing, maybe 100. in my case, that's my list.

but tomorrow is a new day. embrace it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


best friend: NOUN.

some people misuse the word best friend. for someone to truly be your "best friend"...

-you both care about eachother.
-neither of you ever talk about the other in a negative way.
-you don't use the word "best friend" instead of boyfriend/girlfriend.
        -lets be real. its just a reason for you to not be together.
-your inside jokes are YOUR inside jokes. you never find him/her joking about things that happened between the two of you, with someone else.
-you don't tell eachother's secrets. plain and simple.

a true best friend does not call everyone their best friend. trust me, been there, done that. its just an excuse from a person with a small... ...brain. ... i love you(:

winter time = sick time.

so theres this thing. when it gets cold, a lot of people get sick. well i'm usually not one of those people. but i just so happened to be sharing drinks with manyyy people the last few weeks. no i did not kiss anybody.. sadly. and now i have this icky-ness called mono. dont get me wrong, sleeping is the best thing in this world. but i'm even tired when i'm sleeping. and i dont want to sleep anymore. but that is all i can do! i have 6 tests this week. that is one in every class, besides seminary, and softball. which means no sleep for brittany. i think the hardest thing i have ever done, in my life, is wake up this morning. bleeeeck. santa, please make me better!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

heartaches, and mistakes.

i wish i could take back texts.
if i hadn't hit that send button. 
..asking if you honestly still liked her.
we wouldn't be where we are right now.
she is one of my two my best friends.
i can't make that mistake again.
i'm still recovering from the last time i made that mistake. 
me & her barely even talk anymore. i can't stand it.
you were so cute to me.
you would drop me off at my house last, just so we could talk alone.
but this time, you dropped me off first.
one text message. 
with one question.
can make or break everything. 

my song right now?
love life by he is we.
"heartaches and mistakes, how many hits can a good girl take?"

the best thing in this world.

to me, the best thing in this world (aside from boys of course...) is soccer(:
this weekend, i went to the BYU soccer winter showcase, with the rest of celtic storm(: (my team)
we got to play a bunch of soccer games, against different teams, from different levels.
it was so much fun! i'm glad i went(:
only down side -- i am now sick, from playing outside in the cold... but it was worth it(:

of course that's me, it the wrong shorts...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

obsessive? just a bit.

everyone has a tv show that is on every week, and they can not stand to miss it.
for most people, their "show" is pretty little liars, or secret life of an american teenager.
well mine... is sweet home alabama.
In the first season, this girl named devin was like a batchlorette. 10 city guys and 10 country guys came, and they all wanted to be the final boy. it got down to the final 2 (tribble reese, and adam moyer) and she chose adam. so tribble got a chance. now it's the second season, and 11 city girls, and 11 country girls come to "win his heart." basically, i'm obsessed with this show. and the final two girls (tristin and jackie) are left. tomorrow he says who wins. i'm so excited. i like the country girls the best! tristin is country, and jackie is city. tribble is country, so he haaaaas to choose tristin! 

tribble and the girls!
tribble reese....babe.    
the country girls (: my favorites? the farthest to the left, and the third to the left. courtney & tristin(:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

the boy who cried girlfriend.

we all know who this boy is.
well most of you do.
almost every blog i have ever read has said something about this boy.
this boy calls you *or your friend* his girlfriend.
he tells you he loves you. but he doesn't.
he texts you every day. just like every other girl in his contact list.
he tells you things you think are specially meant for you. but 3 other girls just got that same text.
you go write about him and how cute he is to you in your blog.  then you read a post just like the one you just wrote about him, and the "special things" he says to you.

lets face it.
*to boy who cried girlfriend * you doesn't have a girlfriend. you have many girlfriends.  your sixteen. it is okay to date around! but when your lips have more friends than you do...that's a problem. you don't really love her, so don't say it. you can't tell her you've never felt this way before, and send it to two girls. but most importantly... you can't hold a girls hand. while texting another girl, saying you love her. 
 lets be real. youre a whore.