Thursday, December 18, 2014

three states, two years

I have always been such a slacker with blogging. 
I'm actually really not good at thinking to get online, but oh well.
A lot has happened in the past two years of my life.
My family moved to Texas, then just under two years later moved back to Utah.
Shortly after that, I left for college in FLORIDA.
Orlando, Florida to be exact. 
At this point of time, I absolutely love it.
I have felt homesick and wanted to come home, but I wouldn't rather live anywhere else.
I love the snow and I love the mountains.
Utah really is beautiful!
But Florida is the perfect place for met to live.
Not to mention Orlando... Disney world, Universal studios, and the Orlando City soccer team!

I am home in Utah for christmas though, and I am very excited. I've seen people who I haven't seen in a little over two years. I have missed my friends so much! I'm excited to go home, but excited to see what this coming semester has in store for me! I've also been working at a pet store. We have around 80 puppies at a time. I absolutely love it! I go to work and play with puppies, then come home and play with my puppy. Oh yeah, I also got a puppy. She is the cutest puppy in the universe. I'll add pictures below. Everything has changed so much throughout the past two and a half years, but I am so happy with it.
Life has just been treating me really well lately! 
Trey and I also just had our two year anniversary so yay for that! We celebrated christmas the same day and he took me to a 5 star restaurant in case anyone was wondering. :)

She sleeps in my bed with me...

Trey came with me the first day to get her :)

Now she is 5 months old and growing up fast!