ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right? 
and you are on the verge of crying?
maybe you feel like you have no friends.
of like the friends you have are being mean. 
maybe you failed a test?
or maybe you just woke up and it was already a bad day.

what ever the case, sometimes you are just really sad. and someone does something, that helps you hold back those tears that are about to come out of your eyes. these are some people that make my day.

Jessica Bulpitt: she is just always smiling. and having a good day no matter what! she's always including everyone in everything, and never saying anything bad about anyone. she makes my day(:

Brittney McArthur: this girl is amazing. she is always positive. no matter what! even in the hardest times to be positive. she is very forgiving. she also has the most amazing blog i have ever read. she makes my day(:

Jaden Lynn: every time i pass him in the hall ways, he gives me a huuuuuge hug. he always tells me how great of a friend i am, and when i'm stuck at home, he always comes over to visit me! even if he has to walk(: he makes my day(:

Peyton Christiansen: sometimes you just need a friend. and she isn't just there sometimes. she is always there. she can be so calm and friendly, and she can be so hyper and crazy. she is almost always smiling, and she says some of the funniest things! she makes my day(:

Phoebe Brimhall: phoebe is just the best person to talk to when you are having a bad day. sometimes she will just randomly text me and say she loves me, and check up on me. or sometimes she will randomly call me and ask if i want to go somewhere with her. i love her!(: she makes my day(:

Maddy Loveless: maddy is so sweet. she can always tell when something isn't right. on those days when i'm sad, she always ends up coming over, and making sure we have a great time. even when it seems impossible.(: she makes my day(:

Justin Warnick: he is just the happiest kid in this universe. when i'm sick and miss school, he always texts me and asks where i am! and he is always the happiest kid in the universe(: what a kid. he makes my day(:  

Melisa Rollins: definately one of my best friends in this universe. she can read me like none other. and she just doesn't care what we do. we have driven all the way to provo, and back to the tip of the mountain, looking over salt lake valley. just because. she brings me random presents on random days, and she is so nice to everyone around her. i love her to death. she makes my day(:

Lexi Robert: no worries about everything. she's always so positive.(: we always have such a good time when we hang out, even if we are just watching sweet home alabama and dance moms.(: she makes my day(:

Trey Huber: this boy is my everything. not only is he my boyfriend, but he is my best friend. there hasn't been a day since i met him, that he hasn't made me smile. we act like 5 year olds and have nerf gun wars, and build forts. he brings out the best of me, and that is all i could ever ask for. he makes my day(:

...more to come?? (: