Sunday, October 16, 2011


basically, i love when people have blogs. i blog stalk people. just like anyone else in this world.(: don't say you don't. cause you are.. right now. (:
yep. that would be me. a normal girl. living a normal life. in the best ways possible(:

10 facts you probably didn't need to know:

1. i love soccer. it is my pride and joy in life. its so much fun to play. and keeps me busy during the week(:  2. life cereal = the greatest food ever to come upon the earth. i eat it about 5 times a day. if we don't have life cereal at my house, i basically die.  3. i will never have enough clothes. i will always buy more.  4. i love my friends and family. to death. i don't know where my life would be without them!  5. i looove taking pictures. being a photographer? that's probably the best job ever.  6. I watch disney channel on a daily basis. literally.  7. i can not wait to be 16. i will drive everywhere, all the time. 8. i love animals. Especially dogs.(:  9. i want to live in Hawaii.where it is always warm and never cold. like today.  10. something i wish i could do, but can't; snowboard.

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