Sunday, October 30, 2011

her fairytale.

everyone's got their own little dream date they've got in mind. mine goes something like this:

fourth of july. he picks me up and we drive up the canyon. we go up to squat peak, where we can see the whole valley, and he pulls out a blanket, sets it on the hood of his car, and we sit on it and watch all the fireworks going on.  he has a picnic basket full of food, so we have a picnic on his car, and we stay there until the last firework.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


the cold weather is coming. its called winter! where you wear boots with everything, and scarves are a must. jackets and hoodies are your everyday outfits, and you can't find a reason to actually get ready in the mornings. leaves are changing and the air is getting colder and colder. tans are fading, and blonde hair slowly darkens. time to find a boy and cuddle up with, parties to go to, and hot chocolate to warm your insides. christmas music, hot tubbing in freezing cold weather, and long drives to nowhere. dressing warm, sitting by a fire, watching only the best wintertime movies. this is one of the best times of the year. ..besides summer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sometimes, you've just got to try something new(:

me and lexi went to a party the other day.
the typical party... 
timp people on one side, pg people on the other.
here's me and lexi walking from place to place,
visiting everyone we possibly can, having fun in the process.
This party only happens once a year anyways.
so why not have a good time?
someone brings out the boxing gloves, and the whole party gets in a big circle. 
there must have been at least 70 or 80 people there. 
people boxing each other, having the best time.
twins boxing to see who will win, and best friends boxing each other just for fun.  
they all had one thing in common.
they were all boys.
all up until someone yells my name. they tell me and lexi to box.
of course, we go for it.
i didn't think we really would box. i put the gloves on and smiled and laughed.
she threw a fake punch, so i threw one back.
then it started. we were throwing punches at each other over and over.
we were really boxing... we thought. 
but, we were basically just throwing punches at eachother, like little girls.
people were yelling names. and cheering. 
i was laughing so hard, i couldn't breathe.
finally, we stopped and hugged each other.
i was out of breath & so was she.
we were the only girls that boxed at the party.
but, sometimes... you've just got to try something new(:  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

no one is perfect.

do you know those people, who make you think you have to be perfect? don't.
do you ever feel like no one will like you, cause you aren't good enough?
well.. you are.  
do you ever feel unwanted, because it seems like other people are wanted more?
well.. they're not.
face it.. no one is perfect. and no one is better than YOU.
be yourself. 
dont let other people change you.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


basically, i love when people have blogs. i blog stalk people. just like anyone else in this world.(: don't say you don't. cause you are.. right now. (:
yep. that would be me. a normal girl. living a normal life. in the best ways possible(:

10 facts you probably didn't need to know:

1. i love soccer. it is my pride and joy in life. its so much fun to play. and keeps me busy during the week(:  2. life cereal = the greatest food ever to come upon the earth. i eat it about 5 times a day. if we don't have life cereal at my house, i basically die.  3. i will never have enough clothes. i will always buy more.  4. i love my friends and family. to death. i don't know where my life would be without them!  5. i looove taking pictures. being a photographer? that's probably the best job ever.  6. I watch disney channel on a daily basis. literally.  7. i can not wait to be 16. i will drive everywhere, all the time. 8. i love animals. Especially dogs.(:  9. i want to live in Hawaii.where it is always warm and never cold. like today.  10. something i wish i could do, but can't; snowboard.