Monday, April 29, 2013

third post today...

alright alright
well this is my third post today.
but i saw this on facebook, and i had to share. 
the lovely Kirsten Goodman put this on...and i copied and pasted it. everyone read it.
full credit to her.

To all of the women in my life:
It takes a long time to believe good things about yourself. It’s hard to believe that you truly are beautiful inside and out despite the world’s distorted concept of beauty. It’s hard to believe that you are special and that anyone would be more than lucky to call you theirs. & It’s especially hard to believe it when the ones you want to hear it from are the ones that don’t say it. However, the words do not need to be said to be true. We are so quick to find the beauty in the women around us, but so slow to see the beauty in ourselves. Why should you be or deserve anything less? Perhaps our greatest strength and our best attribute as women is our ability to love – even when we are not loved in return. That is one of the most beautiful things about you & that is what defines you. Don’t let anyone tell you, convince you, or make you even consider that you are not beautiful or you are not capable of being loved. Do not allow yourself to believe that. You are lovely in every single way. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are perfect just the way you are and anyone who expects you to change does not recognize and truly appreciate your beauty. That is their loss. As good as you are to others, as patient as you are with them, as kind as you are to them, and as often as you recognize their beauty, be certain to do the same for yourself.

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