Thursday, June 13, 2013

only the cutest

theres this boy.
pretty sure i write something about him every time i blog.
which really is hardly ever...
he is just my best friend! i have to write about him!
right now he is at work... and since he just so happens to be my only friend here,
i am left to watch disney channel, eat sour skittles, and blog.
this boy, is named Trey. as i have mentioned before.
he may just be the sweetest boy to ever walk this earth. this week, on tuesday june 11, to be exact... was our 6 month "anniversary".
he decided, being the cute boyfriend he is, to take me on all these fun dates this week!
he made sure to get work of, Monday and Tuesday, and got lucky and didn't have to work Wednesday!
Monday we went to hurricane alley, a water park, with his family! afterwards, he made super yummy burgers for dinner. after that, we went and saw the purge. which by the way is probably the creepiest movie i have ever seen.
Tuesday was our six months, and we went to the mall around 12...ate lunch there.. that Japanese hibachi grill is amazinggg. Shopped for a bit, went to the pet store... our weekly trip... then we came to my house and swam in my new pool for a bit. afterwards, we made a frozen pizza, then he went home and i showered and got all dressed up for dinner. he took me to dinner, to waterstreet! it was so yummy and so much fun. afterwards we watched a movie and relaxed.
Wednesday we hung out with all of our friends, and everyone wanted to go to a movie. even though it wasn't really an official date, he still paid for me, bought me popcorn and snacks... and afterwards we all roasted marshmallows at his house, then when everyone left, we watched another movie. clearly... we love movies. and food... but basically i have the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends.
oh, did i mention he brought me flowers yesterday morning... for no reason? they even came in a vase(:

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