Sunday, January 8, 2012

just stay strong.

everyone will have a point in their life, when nothing seems to be going right. at all.
sometimes when this happens, it doesn't go away.
maybe it's a sign.
maybe it's a sign telling you to change your life.
take a chance. it's okay. as long as you bring some protection just in case you fall.
if you were to die today, would you feel accomplished?
i wouldn't! i didn't get to play varsity soccer yet. which means my life is definitely NOT complete.
i have not gotten to shoot a goal in rio-tinto stadium. my life is not complete.
i haven't gone wind surfing in hawaii. my life is not complete.
there are so many things that people want to do with their lives.
but who knows? you could die tomorrow.
you cant just sit and watch the storms pass.
cause there is just going to be another one eventually.
don't sit your life through.
do something with it.
now, i'm off to practice. my next chance to play varsity is in only 203 days...(:


  1. great post. so so true. and good luck with soccer!

  2. and im completely in love with you.