Tuesday, January 3, 2012

unhealthy relationships 101

today in health, we learned about unhealthy relationships. i thought i would put it on my blog, for those of you who don't have this health class. if you are going to go into high school soon, be sure to take that class. its the best(: i'm going to take some stuff out of the packet we did today. it helps so much(:

how does it start?
-they act like they are really in need of you.
-they disrespect your values.
-they keep you away from your friends.
-very controlling

the abuser acts like...
-theyre your hero.
-very flattery
-they like to have power
-they text and call you consistently
-put downs physically and mentally

some people think that unhealthy relationships are just if your boyfriend/girlfriend hits you, or beats you. that's not the only kind of unhealthy relationship. ask yourself these questions:
-does my boyfriend act controlling?
-does he make me feel like everything that goes wrong is my fault?
-do you two break up, then when he wants to get back together, you do. but when you want to, it just doesn't mean anything?
-is he dramatic?

these dont only happen with guys. girls can be this person too. so ask yourself if you do any of that? you might be going down hill with out even knowing.

all of these are signs of an unhealthy relationship. if you answered yes to any of these questions, look back on your relationship. is it an unhealthy one? if it is, take control. break up with him/her, and don't let them talk you into getting back together!

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