Sunday, December 25, 2011

the gift of giving.

this year, instead of receiving a ton of presents, my family decided to take some of our money for christmas gifts, and get some things for the homeless.
we got some backpacks and filled them up with a bunch of stuff.
then we went to orem, and drove around. hoping we could find some homeless people.
we drove around as a family for like an hour! and didn't find any.
but then yesterday, when i was on my way to the mall with melisa and connor to buy some presents, i saw someone! he didnt even have a jacket on. he looked like he hadn't shaved in years. he needed help. so i called my dad and told him. he brought him a backpack. this guy was sooo happy that we made that for him.
just knowing that we probably made his day, makes my day. (:
now off to find some more people in need(:

ps. merry christmas(: i love you all(:

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