Monday, November 21, 2011

bound to be a good day.

today was just bound to be a good day.
-woke up. wasn't tired?
-only 2 days of school this week? awesome.
-math homework i forgot to do? wasn't due.
-math project we did in class? aced it.
-got checked out while dissecting in biology? YES.
-went to dentist. no cavities? yeaaa baby.
-had to clean my room when i got home. music up all the way? obviously(:
-2 futsal games. i love soccer.
       -first game, had 2 assists. beat LA ROCA 2-1. my dream?
       -second game, scored the 2 winning goals of the game? with my LEFT foot? haven't scored a decent goal in 4 seasons. now, i will die happy (:
good day (:

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