Sunday, November 13, 2011


yesterday i went to sadies. it was definately one of the best days of my life! i went with sam, vikki went with braden, sidney with spencer, and marie with matt! first, we went ice skating. it was so much fun!(: even though i fell a bout a billion .5 times...

next, we went to the mall, and had a scavenger hunt. there were two teams. me, sam, vikki, and braden were one team. and sidney, spencer, marie, and matt were the other team. we had a list of like 40 things on the list, and we had to find 30. i think we tied... (:

after the mall, we went to golden corral. best place to eat. ever. we told the waitress that it was marie's birthday. just for a laugh. so they came and sung to her. it was the funniest thing of my life!(: and i got it on video(: we found a half-full mountain dew bottle on the ground, and put it in sidney's drink. ...quite the dinner date(:

once we were done eating, we went home to get ready for the actual dance. then went to the dance, and it was a party!(:  best day ever.

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