Sunday, November 20, 2011

an eventful weekend indeed.

this weekend was super eventful.

first off: thursday night, went to the midnight premiere of breaking dawn. me and maddy were working on our health project, then decided we wanted to go to breaking dawn. me and lexi had talked about it earlier, so i knew she wanted too! obviously when i told my mom we could still get tickets, she jumped right on it. we had to go to macey's to get treats. i mean, who buys treats at the movie theaters anymore anyways? stuffing all our candy in our jackets, purses, and blankets, we walked in. as we were sitting in our seats, we notice the quite attractive men that we had been staring at, while we were in line to get in. so obviously we are going to take a million trips to go get free waters, just so we can walk past them. or in my case... trip onto them. That would happen to me...(:

friday: missed first and second period, recovering from our midnight premiere.(: hung out with maddy, and we played in the snowww(:

saturday: me and vikki were so lucky, to get to go with tessa, and a bunch of other students, to the KSL building in salt lake, to be there when they announced the winner or we are utah! it was so much fun(: and sooo cool. thanks tessa!(:

after that, me vikki logan and peyton walked to a party!(: then ended up leaving and went to visit melisa for her birthday(: happy birthday melisa! i love you!(:

today: watching the ravens game... the ref gets tackled? awesome. LA galaxy wins the MLS championships? today was a super day. loving life.

april -- t-minus 131 days. -- hawaii? hopefully.

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