Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween time!

yesterday was halloween! i had such a good day/weekend!

friday: me, maddy, alissa, and holden went to some parties(: they were so fun! 
saturday: went to connors and watched paranormal activity! it was so scary! but so fun!(: 
halloween day: first, school was pretty fun. mr. reeves is always the teacher to make your day so good! then after school, maddy came over and we went to my family party. it was pretty...intresting(: then i had a futsal game! it was the funnest game of my life!(: after that, me and maddy went to my house and changed then we got hot chocolate from my neighbors, then went to a party! it was a way fun weekend!(:

halloween was also lexi's birthday! yay for pictures with the birthday girl!(:

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