Friday, December 16, 2011


everyone has felt unwanted before. and all you want is for someone to come along and make your day. i'll admit... thats me basically every day. but I got thinking about it. how can you want someone else to make your day, when you don't even try. all you need to do is use one muscle, and smile at someone. or use a few thumb movements, and text them something happy.
sometimes all someone needs is for you to text them and tell them you love them. for all you know, that text could be saving them from suicide. I learned that in health a while back.
sometimes, you just have bad days. It happens to everyone. Maybe you feel left out, maybe you feel unwanted because others seem more wanted, maybe you wish that one boy would just like you, maybe your hair isn't working out, maybe you've got a huge zit on the middle of your forehead, maybe your family is moving and you just don't want to leave, and maybe you just need someone to be your friend every day, so you don't get left alone, maybe you want to know what your gonna do on a Friday night, instead of pray that someone will call you.
90% of the people who read this, are thinking right now "that's sooo true about me right now" because 90% of your life, you will have something on the back of your mind thinking about problems, and things you wish you were. Everyday is different. Different people have different problems. maybe one thing, maybe 100. in my case, that's my list.

but tomorrow is a new day. embrace it.

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