Wednesday, December 7, 2011

obsessive? just a bit.

everyone has a tv show that is on every week, and they can not stand to miss it.
for most people, their "show" is pretty little liars, or secret life of an american teenager.
well mine... is sweet home alabama.
In the first season, this girl named devin was like a batchlorette. 10 city guys and 10 country guys came, and they all wanted to be the final boy. it got down to the final 2 (tribble reese, and adam moyer) and she chose adam. so tribble got a chance. now it's the second season, and 11 city girls, and 11 country girls come to "win his heart." basically, i'm obsessed with this show. and the final two girls (tristin and jackie) are left. tomorrow he says who wins. i'm so excited. i like the country girls the best! tristin is country, and jackie is city. tribble is country, so he haaaaas to choose tristin! 

tribble and the girls!
tribble reese....babe.    
the country girls (: my favorites? the farthest to the left, and the third to the left. courtney & tristin(:

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