Wednesday, December 14, 2011


best friend: NOUN.

some people misuse the word best friend. for someone to truly be your "best friend"...

-you both care about eachother.
-neither of you ever talk about the other in a negative way.
-you don't use the word "best friend" instead of boyfriend/girlfriend.
        -lets be real. its just a reason for you to not be together.
-your inside jokes are YOUR inside jokes. you never find him/her joking about things that happened between the two of you, with someone else.
-you don't tell eachother's secrets. plain and simple.

a true best friend does not call everyone their best friend. trust me, been there, done that. its just an excuse from a person with a small... ...brain. ... i love you(:

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  1. I love this. SO much. I don't think i have ever read anything more true.