Sunday, December 4, 2011

the boy who cried girlfriend.

we all know who this boy is.
well most of you do.
almost every blog i have ever read has said something about this boy.
this boy calls you *or your friend* his girlfriend.
he tells you he loves you. but he doesn't.
he texts you every day. just like every other girl in his contact list.
he tells you things you think are specially meant for you. but 3 other girls just got that same text.
you go write about him and how cute he is to you in your blog.  then you read a post just like the one you just wrote about him, and the "special things" he says to you.

lets face it.
*to boy who cried girlfriend * you doesn't have a girlfriend. you have many girlfriends.  your sixteen. it is okay to date around! but when your lips have more friends than you do...that's a problem. you don't really love her, so don't say it. you can't tell her you've never felt this way before, and send it to two girls. but most importantly... you can't hold a girls hand. while texting another girl, saying you love her. 
 lets be real. youre a whore.


  1. oh yid. i just about died laughing.
    i love you. and i love this. so so soo much. (:
    ahahahah. really though. (:

  2. hahahaha. I am dying. I love this and.. this is the funniest thing I have ever read. I officially love your blog. and you:)

  3. Gee. My life story? most def! you best be following my blog too ( ohh and please dont mind my absence on my blog right now, i will be back shortly! ps. i love you!

  4. I'm already ahead of you. I've been stalking your blog for like 2 weeks now. It's fine. not creepy or anything...(:
    Ps. I love you too(: I miss you!:(